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ISK 2.590

ChemicalGuys - TVD_104_16, Keep tires, plastics, bumpers, undercarriages and trim nice and black with Chemical Guys Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray.

Why Buy This Product?
Designed for undercarriages and fender liners.
Restores the black OEM shine instantly.
Delivers a brilliant shine in seconds.
Cleans, restores, shines, and protects.
UV all-weather protection.
Fast and easy way to make undercarriage detailing a breeze.
Ultimate versatility, great for tires and trims.

How it Works
Chemical Guys Bare Bones Dark Shine Undercarriage Spray restores the original shine back to any vehicle’s undercarriage. The innovative formula brings back the black shine while also adding protection. Over time, a vehicle’s undercarriage can become faded and discolored from road grime, dirt, road salt, and UV solar rays. The oil-based formula sticks to any surface for improved durability. The sprayable dressing is designed for undercarriages, wheel wells, sub-frames, springs, suspension components, fender liners, and even truck beds. Bare Bones keeps your undercarriage trim looking great while resisting road grime, dirt, dust, tar, and moisture while driving. Bare Bones uses premium ingredients that dry-to-the-touch within minutes. Now any undercarriage can stay looking great with Chemical Guys Bare Bones.

What's Different About the New Formulation?
Improved longevity.
Ultra Refined formula penetrates faster delivering a deep new shine.
Formulated for fender well liners, undercarriage and tires.
Delivers longer lasting deep black finish.

Protect and Enhance
Chemical Guys Bare Bones is a premium undercarriage spray dressing specifically formulated to protect and enhance hard-to-reach areas like the wheel wells, subframes, springs, and fender liners. The sprayable formula restores the original shine back to any vehicle’s trim and undercarriage. Bare Bones covers the undercarriage surfaces to protect and enhance in one easy step. The oil-based dressing restores faded undercarriage and trim surfaces back to like-new condition. Bare Bones is designed using advanced UV solar protection, which enhances and protects undercarriage and trim surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun. The sprayable dressing is not just for undercarriages. Bare Bones also works great on plastic, rubber, vinyl, tires, bumper covers, and truck beds. The premium dressing repels dirt, dust, and moisture for improve durability. Once Bare Bones is applied, the surface is protected, enhanced, and dry-to-the-touch. Great for giving lifted trucks a perfectly detailed undercarriage. Perfect for achieving the finest details on show winning cars. Bare Bones makes detailing any undercarriage a quick and easy job. Restore the original shine back to any undercarriage with Bare Bones Dark Shine Undercarriage Spray.

Endless Possibilities
Bare Bones Dark Shine Undercarriage Spray opens endless detailing possibilities for any detailer. Simply clean the undercarriage surface using Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser or NONSENSE to remove any dirt and road grime. Once cleaned, apply Bare Bones to any undercarriage surface including wheel wells, fender liners, fuel tanks, subframes, and suspension components. The durable Bare Bones layer seals and protects your vehicle’s undercarriage against road salt, dirt, grime, and filth. Bare Bones helps protect against rust on your undercarriage by repelling road salt during winter months. The versatile spray dressing works on any car, truck, off-road vehicle, and RV to enhance the underside of the vehicle. Advanced bonding technology creates a grip on the surface that lasts wash after wash. Bare Bones is hydroscopic to repel water in all seasons. Works on all plastic, rubber, vinyl, and metal surfaces. Even works on rubberized undercarriages. Bare Bones is the premium undercarriage dressing for any detailer.

High Performance Shine
Bare Bones brings the shine back to any undercarriage. The underside of your car is exposed to harsh road conditions. Dirt, dust, filth, salt, tar, and grime can destroy the underside of any vehicle. UV solar rays fade fender liners turning them from black to grey. Bare Bones Dark Shine Undercarriage Spray works to fix these problems. Bare Bones repels road grime and dirt to keep your undercarriage looking better, longer. Detailing the undercarriage of any show car keeps the judges giving more points. Bare Bones is perfect for detailing any truck or off-road vehicle. The quick spray undercarriage detailer creates the perfect finish on fender liners and truck beds. Makes the wheel wells invisible! Bare Bones is dry-to-the-touch for easily application on virtually any vehicle. Lasts for weeks, not days! Springs, control arms, shock absorbers, drive axles, and differentials can appear black and restored with a coat of Bare Bones. Weather resistant coating protects against road salt while helping prevent undercarriage rust. Bare Bones sticks to all undercarriage surfaces including plastic, rubber, vinyl, painted metal, powdercoat, and rubberized undercoating. Protect and enhance your vehicle’s undercarriage with Bare Bones Dark Shine Undercarriage Spray.

Part NumberTVD_104_16
TopScrew cap with sprayer
Shine Level9
VOC CompliantYes
Safe on InteriorNo
Safe on ExteriorYes
Safe on VinylNo
Safe on RubberYes
Safe on PlasticYes

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