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ISK 47.570

  • 1 x Krauss S08 Dual Action Polisher with 5" backingplate and a extra set of cole brushes.
  • 1 x V36 Fine Optical Grade Cutting Polsih
  • 1 x V34 Medium Hybrid Compound
  • 1 x Orange 5,5, Hex Logic Medium Cutting Pad
  • 1 x White 5,5 Hex Logic Light/Medium polishing Pad
  • 1 x 3" Backingplate

About the Krauss S08
The No Swirls! XTREME S08 (krauss s08) DA Polisher is the evolutionary big brother of the known No Swirls HP! V2 in a re - designed and more ergonomic shape than ever before.

Developments are going fast in the autodetailing – industry. After the well – known rotary – buffer the DA – Polishers in 500W and 880W made a big step forward and opened many perspectives of what all can be done with “only” an orbital polisher. In the last 2 a 3 years (we’re now in 2014 when we’re writing this) we saw a few hybrid – polishers which took the best from the rotary – buffer and orbital – polisher in an own and unique concept. These polishers combine the power of the rotary – buffer to remove scratches and swirls and the orbital movement of the DA – polisher to finish light compounding – scratches and marring to deliver bright, scratch – free and swirl – free results.

This last generation of hybrid – polishers is getting more affordable and we are proud to present you our No Swirls! XTREME S08 DA Polisher.