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ISK 730

Why BuyThis Product?
Industrial strengthsprayer.
Chemical resistant.
Adjustable nozzle sprays from fine mist to jet stream.
1.3 ml per stroke - 30-40% greater than standard trigger sprayers.
Nozzle O-ring and piston cup made of chemical resistant Viton.
9 3/4 inch stem – sized for 12 oz-32 oz bottles.

About This Trigger Sprayer
The 320CR Heavy Duty Industrial Trigger Sprayer is a professional strength, chemical resistant trigger sprayer. The adjustable nozzle sprays from a fine mist to a jet stream. With the 320CR Trigger Sprayer you get 1.3 ml per stroke which is 30-40% more than standard trigger sprayers. This trigger sprayer is great for use with both water-based chemicals as well as oil-based chemicals. The end sprayer comes complete with a light filter to assure maximum passage of chemicals. Achieve superior results when used with spray waxes, carpet cleaners, dressings, window cleaners and even thicker dressings. The 320CR Heavy Duty Industrial Trigger Sprayer is designed to be an effective cleaning tool under all conditions.

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