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Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys - SPL_399_3_32, D - Con V3 is the ultimate wheel & paint cleaner that removes particles (brakedust) and corrosive deposits.


Why Buy This Product?
Removes particles and corrosive deposits which are not visible to the eye.
Easy to use.
Good to use for claying stage.
pH balanced.
Could be used on all surfaces.
Amazing Results.
Also available in 473ml

What’s NEW on D – Con V3?
The cool Aqua – Blue color which changes to purple / dark red while curing.
Improved smell (still quite “bacon – like” but much less as in D - Con V1 & V2).
Stronger concentrated, you can spray less to have the same great cleaning – results.
Available in 473ml size.

About This Product
D - Con V3 is the ultimate wheel and paint cleaner that removes ferrous particles and corrosive deposits that have built up over time. Harmful particles containing iron penetrate your car’s paint and wheels and through time may cause damage which is not always visible to the eye. Especially on wheels iron deposits from brake – dust are traditionally difficult to remove.

D - Con V3 is good to use on paint prior to the claying –stage since it removes a significant amount of contamination often present on the surface by that stage. Which also is beneficial to reduce the risk of marring. D - Con V3 reacts with iron deposits and changes colour as it begins to bond within seconds, and highlight the contaminants, whilst penetrating through these deposits. It ends up forming a liquid which can be easily rinsed off with water (pressure washer) to remove it from the surface.

How to use
Spray a light mist on the wheel surface.
Let it cure for 5-10 minutes, the color will change to purple.
When the wheel surface is really dirty we recommended to use a wheel brush like Wheel Woolies.
Rinse the D – Con V3 of from the surface.
Dry the wheels with a Microfiber Drying Towel.

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