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Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys - SPL_210_16, Fabric Guard protects all fabrics, carpets and convertible tops repelling water, dirt, dust, grease and protects against UV.


Why Buy This Product?
Creates an invisible shield to repel both oil and water based stains.
Works as an odor shield against unpleasant odors
A single application can last 8 months.
Blocks against harmful UV rays that rapidly deteriorate fabrics.
Great for automotive interior, convertible tops, and most fabrics.

How it Works
Chemical Guys Fabric-Guard is a professional grade carpet and upholstery sealant that works like a shield to protect fabric surfaces against liquids, moisture, contamination and stains. Fabric-Guard is also equipped with an odor guard to help fight odors caused by everyday use or any other foul activities. When spills occur on interior surfaces the fabric sealant capabilities of Fabric-Guard aid in preventing the fiber from becoming saturated, allowing the automobile owner ample time to get the spot out before it stains. With the correct application of Fabric-Guard it will enhance the look of all fabrics and extend the durability and life of all surfaces it is sprayed on.

For Convertible Tops
Generally the first part of the automobile that deteriorates is the convertible top. Fabric Guard prevents moisture in the air from infiltrating convertible top fibers preventing rapid deterioration. With the use of Fabric Guard it allows dirt, dust and grime to easily be washed off of the convertible top surface.

Part NumberSPI_210_16
Size16 ounces // 473ML
TopBlack top with sprayer included

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