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ISK 2.970

Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys - IAI_502, The Chemical Guys Gamma Seal Sealcover makes you take warm water with you in your bucket to your favorite washing spot.

Why Buy This Product?
Seals all 3 – 5 Gallon Buckets.
Makes you take warm water to your favorite washing spot.
You can even sit on it to work more comfortable on the lower areas of your car.

About This Sealcover
The sealcover makes a great add – on item for your professional 3 – 5 Gallon buckets. The sealcover makes you take warm water with you to your favorite washing spot. The sealcover exists out of 2 parts, an edge and a cover. The edge fits tight but very solid on the top end of your bucket. The cover needs to be “turned” in the edge which works perfect since they both have a thread. In the cover is a rubber seal that while turning completely locks it and seals it so no warm water can go out anymore. It is even that solid that you can sit on it which is very comfortable if you need to work on the lower parts of the car.

Additional Information