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Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys - ACC_G02, Long Handle Stiff Utility Brush is perfect for scrubbing heavy dirt and grime from hard to reach places on your vehicle.



Professionals demand professional grade products - Our new line of Detailing Brushes are built to last! The Chemical Guys Long Handle Stiff Bristle Utility Brush is the perfect choice for scrubbing heavy dirt and grime from those hard to reach places on your vehicle. This heavy duty brush is equipped with stiff Power-Band bristles which are designed to pull off heavy dirt and debris from tires, undercarriages, inner fenders, and even off-road trailers. It’s a stiff bristle brush designed for tough detailing situations. The 20-inch (50CM) long handle is designed for ergonomic comfort so you can get the job done faster and easier. It features a UV resistant long handle so you can reach the hard to reach places without bending over or struggling to reach down low.

The Chemical Guys Long Handle Stiff Bristle Utility Brush features chemical resistant bristles so you can use this awesome brush with the strongest cleaners. Team this professional quality brush with Chemical Guys Grime Reaper for superior cleaning capabilities. This brush is the eliminator of heavy dirt and grease. The long handle allows you to get deep into the inner fender to remove any unsightly dirt and road grime. The Chemical Guys Long Handle Stiff Bristle Utility Brush leaves the surface clean from nasty dirt, grime, and filth. It’s the perfect detailing brush for cleaning up your off-road vehicle after a weekend in the mud. Chemical Guys designs professional quality products to handle the toughest detailing jobs on the planet.

- Stiff bristles for removing dirt and road grime.
- 20-inch long handle for extended capabilities.
- Perfect for cleaning heavy dirt, mud, and grime.
- Ideal for cleaning tires and undercarriages.
- Chemical resistant bristles.
- Heavy duty non-slip handle for the perfect grip.
- Ergonomic design for extra comfort.
- Ultra absorbent bristles for maximum cleaning.
- Ergonomic design for extra comfort.
- Power-Band bristles for extra long life.
- Great for cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and RVs.

Detailing brushes are a must-have accessory in any detailer’s arsenal. The perfect set of brushes can get any job done faster and easier. This long handled stiff bristle utility brush really knows how to tackle the toughest detailing situations. It makes cleaning inner fenders and undercarriages a breeze! Dirty brown tires can now be cleaned to pure black perfection in a matter of seconds. Nothing stands in the way of this stiff bristle beast!

Heavy Duty Fender-Tire Wheel and Grill Brushed. Lightly crimped, Polypropylene bristles are POWER BANDED and strap-set in a long life extra durable Brush.The premium construction of this brush makes it resistant to acids and strong degreasers. Bristles unique design carry an abundance of soap and water to the surface to quickly and easily wash away dirt and grime .Bristles are resistant to soaps, acids and detergents. This Tire-Wheel & Rim Brush has a thermal plastic handle, which is ergonomic and heavy duty providing greater comfort and better grip control.

How will you use it?
1 take care of your brush
2 always rinse clean after use.
3 use clean water to remove dirt and grime
4 allow to dry after use.
5 smile, life is short enjoy the ride.


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