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ChemicalGuys - MIC_721, Miracle Dryer Absorber Microfiber Car Drying Towel is an extra large silk banded, extra soft, super absorbent microfiber towel.

Why Buy This Product?

Huge drying towel
Extra plush, absorbent and exceptionally soft
Silk banded edges
Lint-free and scratch-free
Superior drying ability
100% machine washable

About This Towel

The Miracle Dryer Absorber Premium Microfiber Towel is an extra large silk banded, extra soft, super absorbent microfiber towel.

The Miracle Dryer is constructed with a dual pile weave - one side has long fibers and the other side has short fibers. The long fiber side works great in quick detail and waterless car wash applications where dirt needs to be carefully carried away from the paint surface. The short fiber side is great for buffing away polish and wax residue and also for cleaning windows. The Miracle Dryer is complete with silk banded edges that ensure it will never scratch your paint. The towel's fibers are precise split fibers with a spiral pattern to deliver the softest most absorbent microfiber. The Miracle Dryer has 300,000 strands in every square inch of highly refined loop-woven microfiber. The Miracle Dryer makes any car wash easy. The unique premium weave lessens the friction on your paint so its soft and gentle while still retaining extreme amounts of water.

Keep Your Towels Clean

Keep your microfiber towels at the peak of their softness and performance with Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent Concentrate.

If used regularly, Microfiber Wash will retain and restore microfiber softness and protect your microfiber towels keeping them soft and absorbent.

Part NumberMIC_721
Size25" x 36" // 60 x 90cm
EdgeSilk banded
Machine washableYes

Additional Information