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ISK 25.800

Quick Overview

ChemicalGuys - BUF_100.2, No Swirls! (Krauss DB 5200) is one of the first easy to use 500W Dual Action Polisher on the market to polish your car yourself.


The ideal Dual-Action Polisher, for professionals and enthusiasts…

Polish your paint to a high-shine without spending a sxxtload of cash on a polisher.

The No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher is good to go for polishing, waxing and sealing with serveral Hex-Logic Machine-Pads. So no exhausting handjobs anymore for you…

With the orbital movement of the No Swirls! dual action polisher there is no risk of burning your paint due to too much friction that a Rotary Buffer could cause while misusing it… The No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher is foolproof. This is why also enthusiasts use this DA 100% safe, fast, easy to use and ergonomically shaped.

The No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher is supplied with very practical bag which makes you stock your accessories in as well, like machinepads, backingplates, microfiber towels etc…

The No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher is supplied with 6 speedzones which makes it ideal for every job, from waxing to a high shine to polishing on swirls and hologrammes. This DA is constructed for 230V electricity.

- Power: 500 W
- Electricity: 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
- RPM: 2500 – 6500 Min-1
- WEEE Number: DE81155270
- Weight: 2,3 KG
- Cable-Length: 4m
- Orbital throw: 8mm
- Axle: 5/16“-24 (like the Meg’s G220 or Ultimate Detailing Machine)
- Backing plate: 125mm
- Extra set of (cole)brushes

- BONUS 3” backing plate included
- Solid carrying bag, tool for changing backingplate, side-grip, D-handle-top-grip
- Spare parts are available upon request
- CE Licensed
- Manual
- Warranty: 1 year

Some tips and advices:
- Read the instruction-manual
- Hold the No Swirls! Dual-Action Polisher steady and work from spot to spot (ca 40 x 40cm) in similar passes-
- Speedzones
1 - 2 For waxing and/or sealing
3 - 4 For finishing / final polishing
5 - 6 For compounds which can erase scratches and swirls.

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